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I Find Art Incredibly Healing

My name is Lusine Saakyan, I have a degree in Child Development, I am an artist and a mother of two. I believe art is an essential part of our lives.  Creative minds bring out beauty and balance into our day. Many forms of art speak to us in ways we can relate to and have the ability to transform our mood.  Having a small portion of our day dedicated to making, listening, reading, or viewing art gives us positive energy.  

Painting, creating, and discovering ways to express myself presented me with vibrant energy to deal with everything else that was taking place around me.  

What started as a hobby turned into much more.  My artworks apparently turned out to be the opposite reflection of the turmoils and emotional rollercoasters of what I was experiencing in my personal life.  

I organized my first solo art exhibition in February of 2015 with 37 unique original pieces and sold 8 of my artworks that first evening. Since then I held other solo exhibitions, accepted commissioned work, sold to private collectors, participated in multiple group shows, contributed my artworks to fundraisers and gave out as donations for worthy causes.  


My Artworks

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